Malawi: Bats, hippos, elephants et al.

Everyone ist trained up and the camera traps are set in the northern part of the reserve. Well done, folks! It is a long, arduous drive. Let’s hope for some more good results.

We ran the first bat survey on our second training day. Everyone was keen to help setting up the harp and mist nets after another half day of introductions and theoretical training sessions on primates, entomology and bat identification. The traps were opened at sunset and closed after three hours. Enough time for everyone to assist with handling and recording the captured animals. Over ten individuals were caught that night – very exciting.

The hippo transect went well today with lots of sightings of kudu, puku, impala, warthog, vervet monkey, yellow-billed stork and quite a few herds of elephants – apart from our study animals 😉 On the way back the team was held up by several herds of elephants, but made it back to base shortly before lunchtime just when another herd of elephants decided to walk past the platform at a distance of no more than 30 m. Why go out for elephant observations if you can do it from base? 😉 Leigh-Anne and Dominique took many, many ID pictures, which we will process soon.

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