Snow leopard conservation – just a click (no more) to help!

Thank you to everyone who has voted for our snow leopard project so far.

The vote organisers tell us we are in second place behind a very large organisation, so please help us achieve the unexpected, become David and beat Goliath! If you have not done so yet, then please vote now – it only takes a few seconds to support the Biosphere underdog and you do not have to register, pay or reveal your e-mail to vote.

If you want to support the underdog even more, then help us spread the word by sharing on your social and other networks.


Snow leopard conservation – just a click (no more) to help!

Update: there are five projects in the running and apparently we are in the lead with another one, or so the organisers tell us! So please keep on voting for us now and spreading the word via your social and other networks.

Snow leopard conservation – just a click (no more) to help!


Snow leopards are critically endangered throughout their range. Threatened by poaching, retaliatory killings and habitat loss, there are only a few thousand left in the wild! We need your help to protect them and win a snow leopard conservation grant from EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association) through an online vote. With the help of this grant we will be able to give snow leopard conservation a powerful boost through research, community involvement and education, and by generating local income through nature-based tourism.

The more votes we receive, the more likely we are to win the conservation grant, so please share this message across your social networks and tell your friends to vote for snow leopards too.

The Altai’s snow leopards need all our help. Please vote now!

Biosphere Expeditions ( is an international non-profit conservation organisation that has been working in snow leopard conservation in the Altai Republic for over a decade ( Our biggest achievement during that time was contributing to the declaration of a protected area for snow leopard. The work of not making it a paper park (these are protected areas that exist on paper, but are not enforced and therefore meaningless on the ground) has only just begun. We need your help to win the EOCA grant for this work.

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