Status update July 2021 – 2022 still looking hopeful

As we have said before, ultimately we will only get ahead of this virus together as one world, but in terms of 2022 expeditions, things are looking hopeful and teams are filling up.

Our Arabia desert species expedition in January 2022,  the Kenya Maasai Mara biodiversity expedition in February/March 2022, the Azores whale & dolphin expedition in March/April 2022, the Germany wolf expedition in June/July 2022, the Armenia Persian leopard expedition in July 2022, and the Tien Shan snow leopard expedition to Kyrgyzstan in July/August 2022 have all gone to amber

The other expeditions are on green, but starting to fill up too. Things really are moving in the right direction.

All this is of course assuming that we will make it into 2022. But we are close to reaching that goal too and we still need just over €2,000 to ensure we do so. So please give to our survival fundraiser to help us get there, if you can, and join one of our expeditions in 2022!

People have also asked when they will receive instructions on what is required for the expedition on the ground. The expedition dossier with detailed instructions on the research work, the expedition base, typical day, kit list, etc. is sent to you when you sign up. Updated information, including Covid risk management, will be published for each expedition six weeks in advance and based on the latest information for the host country. But whatever the specific instructions will be, if you are fully vaccinated, things are bound to be much easier for you, so make sure you get your jabs now to protect yourself and those around you. Besides, the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks

An expedition team (Brazil).
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