Germany: Start again, with group 2

Update from our monitoring expedition studying wolves in Lower Saxony, Germany

We’re on our second citizen science helping now, with a team of eleven from all over the world: Latika & Mark (U.S.), Jelle (Netherlands), Andy & Sebastian (UK), Situ (China) as well as Anja, Beate & Christina (Germany) and Siggi & Sylvia (Germany) on their second week.

We’ve been on our introductory visit to Wolfcenter Dörverden , this time with our guided tour led by founder and director Frank. Now at NABU Gut Sunder, Peter is giving his tracks & signs identification and documentation talk. More training on the expedition equipment is to follow this morning before we head out for a data collection practicing walk in the afternoon together with wolf commissioner Theo. Biologist Dorit and student Lotte will also be joining the team again this evening to lend their support during the week ahead. The weather forecast is promising. How much will we find this week? Stay tuned.

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