Germany: Opener for 2018 Germany wolf expedition

Update from our monitoring expedition studying wolves in Lower Saxony, Germany

We’re getting ready for you. As you can tell, our expedition leader Malika and scientist Peter really love being on camera, but fear not they will be less awkward in the field.

No hassle so far from the local press or anyone else, unlike for our inaugural expedition last year when there was a lot of hostility and fake news around (you’ll know what we mean if you read the 2017 report) and not many understood what this citizen science thing was. The local paper Weser Kurier, quite hostile in 2017, even picked up on our latest press release and ran a positive piece.

It’s warm and sunny at base today, but a dip in temperatures is forecast for the weekend, before it’s back to sunshine and high twenties again. We’ll take it as it comes, of course.

We’ve set our focus areas in cooperation with our friends at the State Wolf Bureau and the State Forestry Authority is playing ball too this year, thank you. Some forestry areas are even ringing up and requesting survey teams to be sent to them too! Encouraging stuff and long may it continue.

Safe travels, group 1, and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

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