Germany: We’re on our way

Update from our monitoring expedition studying wolves in Lower Saxony, Germany

Group 1 is underway. All were there at the Bremen assembly point. This year’s first expedition team consists of eighteen members from seven different countries, including three journalists and three local placements.

From Bremen we travelled to Doerverden Wolfcenter to learn about and encounter our target species from very close for a while. Training (and introductions) continued back at our base of NABU Gut Sunder, a beautiful oasis of nature and calm in the middle of our study site. Dr. Jana Sprenger from the State Wolf Buero gave a talk about the history of the wolf in Germany, the development from 2002 onwards and the present situation in the state of Lower Saxony, where we work with the official wolf monitoring programme. There was training on equipment, track recognition, scat collecting and more. Quite an intense day, rounded off with an intense World Cup football match, which Germany won at the last second. The relief amongst the Germans was palpable 😉

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