Malawi: team 2 for 1

Farewell team 1.

Helen, Marion, Kathleen, Ed & Paige, Sandra & Gary, Rob, Steve Marion and Kris left on Friday morning after breakfast. Karen, Mandy and I went to Mzuzu for a food shopping run, sorting out tyres, etc. We made it back to base shortly after sunset, but it was way beyond bedtime when everything was sorted, the kitchen restocked and the remaining supplies stored away safely.

Two weeks have flown by. Thank you so much everyone for being a great team, collecting lots of data and having fun… remember the 3 Ss: safety, science and satisfaction? 😉 I think we had plenty of all! We hope you’ve enjoyed your time out here at Vwaza as much as we did and have taken with you memories that will last forever.

Team 2, see you on Sunday!

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