We have flipped the switch!

Happy New Year.

We have now flipped the switch to a new website, a new base currency (Euro), new ways to pay and a new HQ (Dublin).

Here’s an overview of changes again:

If you are an expedition participant

If your invoice is due for payment in 2018, it will be in EUR. If you joined us in 2017 with an invoice in GBP, this invoice will be reissued in EUR about two weeks before the due date. You can see the new EUR expedition contributions here. Our terms & conditions have also changed, but they are identical except for now referring to our Irish HQ and Irish law.

If you invoice Biosphere Expeditions

Nothing much should change, except that the payment will now originate from our EUR account. However, we will continue to pay you in your local currency, so you should not notice much of a change.

If you are an expedition leader

The base currency has now switched, but you can still invoice us in your local currency to be paid into your local account, so not much should change for you either.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped to make this happen. From the outside, not much will change other than our invoices will now be in Euros, but on the inside this was all about pushing back against nationalism and isolation

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