Community expeditions update November 2020

In the Azores (whales & dolphins) our scientist Lisa Steiner has been out on and off the water all the way back since April and has a written a detailed blog.

Lisa Steiner

In Germany (wolf), a small community expedition took place in July and there is also a blog.

Scientist Peter Schütte with a Germany community expeditioner

In the Tien Shan (snow leopard), our community camera trapping team have done very well to capture more snow leopard photos and to run a community expedition in September, collecting valuable data in the absence of our annual citizen science expedition. This means we can produce a combined 2019/2020 research report, the publication of which is imminent. Check the Tien Shan research output page for details soon.

The Tien Shan community expedition team

In Costa Rica (sea turtles), work to save turtle nests from poachers continued successfully, despite the pandemic, with a skeleton crew. The nesting season is now over and the research station closed.

The hatchery in Costa Rica

In Thailand (elephant), we are working hard to get our study herd through the crisis.

Elephants in Thailand

In the Maldives (coral reefs), our local partner has instigated a new coral reef conservation project.

Coral nursery table

In Kenya (African biodiversity), we empowered local communities with technology with great success during the last international expedition that ran just before the pandemic hit and have published the report of this already. “Enonkishu is thriving as far as the wildlife goes. There were eleven lions, four wild dogs, and Kisaru, the cheetah, just on one walk last Sunday. It looks like Kisaru is pregnant again and sticking around to have her cubs in Enonkishu for a second year in a row,  which will be fantastic”, says conservancy manager Rebekah Karimi.

Kisaru cubs (c) C Flechtner

In Armenia (leopard, bear, wolf), the community expedition was planned for November, but had to be cancelled when the war in Nagorno-Karabagh, which is too close for comfort to our study site, broke out. With winter approaching, plans have been postponed to 2021.

Autumn in the Armenia study site

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