Thailand: Quiet morning in the jungle

Update from our Elephant conservation volunteer holiday Thailand

All good things come to an end. Much like the peanut butter for the toast at breakfast, we also saw the last of our early starts yesterday. It is such a tranquil way to start the day, with our head torches on, the morning dew dripping off the trees onto our heads as we make our way through the jungle. We arrived to see the opposite behaviour compared to the previous afternoon. Boon Rott and Gen Thong were in solitary patches of forest feeding and exploring. Gen Thong did eventually head to the river after a couple of hours for a solitary drink and a bathe in silence, apart from some frogs croaking and bird song in the distance. We have our last survey today wrapping up two complete days surveying combining all the hours collected this past week. Then our elephant citizen science team head back to Chiang Mai. But I have it on high authority that there is a pot of strawberry jam and Nutella in the fridge, so at least there will be something for the toast to spur us on our final quest.

Update from our Thailand expedition working as an elephant conservation volunteer

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