Thailand: Final survey

Update from our Elephant conservation volunteer holiday Thailand

Today saw our Thailand elephant volunteers leave the village (and our jungle base) to get driven back to Chiang Mai, where they will prepare to re-enter society, hopefully with some new and interesting experiences and conversations to bring to the table.

Having had three years pass since the last Thailand expedition in 2019, and with so much planning and preparation beforehand, myself, Kerri and the team at Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary couldn’t be happier with the results of all the hard work put in by our team of elephant citizen scientists. A team who could just have easily spent their annual leave in a refined hotel with Gin & Tonic in hand by the piano lounge, most likely not having consider how many times they should tap their boots upside down to check for scorpions before going for a stroll. Thank you for coming here instead.

Yesterday saw our final survey in the field, completing collectively 130 hrs of data collection, approximately 800 km walked and 24000 meters climbed up through steep jungle hillsides, gathering data for our scientists to evaluate for ongoing research in several aspects of the semi-wild elephants’ lives. Work that isn’t normally possible as it is so labour-intensive, and requires a concerted team effort – which is exactly what this expedition brings.

We’ve nearly finished packing up now, and soon I’ll be heading back myself. Thank you again everyone – this could not happen without you.

Anthony Lyons
Expedition leader

Update from our Thailand expedition working as an elephant conservation volunteer

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