Thailand: Stylish handbags

Update from our Elephant conservation volunteer holiday Thailand

Yesterday we finished our elephant conservation expedition finished its second day in a row of our late data collection times, starting at noon, then lunch followed by two more hours taking us up to 16:00. By the time we walked back to the village it was almost dark and dinner was on the table.

For the last two days the elephants have been very social with each other, the males and the females socially bathing (I don’t blame them, yesterday was especially warm) and Gen Tong, who normally annoys the others, has spent lots of time with Boon Rott, a larger older male with large tusks. They’ve been foraging together interspersed with trunk touching and leading us into dense thorny bushes that don’t seem to bother them at all.

We’ve also had the pleasure of preparing food and cooking with our home stays. And also seeing traditional Karen textiles the women of the village make and sell. I had wondered why the Mahouts had such stylish shoulder bags…

Update from our Thailand expedition working as an elephant conservation volunteer

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