Arabia: Here we go!

Update from our wildlife conservation volunteering holiday in Dubai (UAE) working on oryx, wildcat and desert species

It’s good to be back in the desert. Pink dunes, blue skies, 18C at night, high 20s or 30s during the day. This is winter in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Arriving from Oman yesterday, we are putting up camp today, sorting out the tasks for the team, getting paperwork and cars and food and a million other things in place for you desert citizen scientists from Saturday.

The DDCR wants us to do six main things: Species encounter in quadrant survey, Arabian red fox den survey, Pharaoh eagle-owl survey, lappet-faced vulture survey, camera traps survey and random encounters. What this all means is explained in detail in the research and expedition manual.

Now here is an important piece of information: Please download this manual and make sure you bring a copy with you for your own use during the expedition, either as a printed or as a digital copy.

While you do this and we are busy setting up here are a couple of media items to get you started. More over the next few days with updates.

Malika Fettak
Expedition leader

Sunrise over the DDCR this morning
Sunrise over the DDCR this morning

Update from our Arabia expedition in Dubai, UAE working as an oryx volunteer in the desert of the UAE

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