Covid status update December 2022

We have so far run all expeditions in 2022 without serious incidences or interruptions due to Covid. In addition, Covid-related restrictions are now being lifted almost everywhere. As a result, we are changing our Covid procedures to as follows:

We recommend that all expeditioners are vaccinated, including a booster vaccination, but will not ask for proof of vaccination.

We recommend that you bring some face masks with you to protect yourself, should someone on the expedition fall ill with Covid (or indeed on your flight to the expedition country). We recommend you bring surgical masks or even better FFP2 masks.

We will bring some rapid Covid self-tests to the expedition in case someone develops symptoms. You can then self-test on a voluntary basis. If you test positive, we will work with you in a reasonable and non-panicky way to ensure that you and the team are safe. If you develop serious symptoms, we will help you get medical help.

Also, everyone still on the deferral list can now choose an expedition until the end of 2025, giving them ample of time to select an expedition that they want to come on. All they need to do is tell us which expedition and group they want to defer to – we will do the rest.

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