Costa Rica: 93 nests already in the hatchery

Update from our conservation holiday protecting leatherback and other sea turtles on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica 

I have  arrived at Pacuare field station and Fabian and I are busy getting things ready for your arrival. I am excited to inform you that so far it has been a busy turtle nesting season and there are already 93 nests in the hatchery! The first hatchery nest is expected to hatch on the day of your arrival, so with a little luck it won’t be just Fabian and I greeting you when you arrive. There are also currently four research assistants at the station who will be helping us with our training and nightly patrols.

The hatchery
The hatchery

So far this season Latin American Sea Turtles (LAST) have managed to relocate approximately 80% of the nests in to the guarded hatchery, with only 20% being taken by poachers. This is a great start to the season.

“A lot of the people in the village who used to poach turtle eggs have now found employment in town and as such there is no longer a need to poach for income. However, as the season progresses, it is likely poachers from further away will move in to take their place” explains Nicki from LAST. By the sounds of things, we will have a busy expedition with a lot of turtles coming ashore to nest.

Pacuare beach
Pacuare beach

Nicki will meet you at Hotel Santo Tomas at 09:00 on Monday and make sure you all get on the bus. Fabian and I will be at the dock to greet you when your bus arrives and will take you by boat to the field station. It is a beautiful boat ride – I spotted white-faced capuchin monkeys, crocodiles, a sloth and a myriad of birds on my ride here. However, it is the wet season and it can pour at any moment, so you keep your rain jacket handy for the boat journey (just in case).

The station
The station

Fabian and I and the rest of the crew look forward to meeting you all tomorrow.

Fabian & Ida
Fabian & Ida



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