Costa Rica: First diary entry

Update from our conservation holiday protecting leatherback and other sea turtles on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica 

Welcome to the Costa Rica 2018 expedition diary. My name is Ida Vincent and I will be your expedition leader. This will be my third year on this expedition and I look forward to being back at the Pacuare field station and working together with Latin America Sea Turtles (LAST).

Ida Vincent

The field station is located just behind the beach where the turtles nest and during our time in Pacuare we will work closely with the onsite biologist from LAST, Fabian Carrasco, who will be training us in sea turtle monitoring.

Fabian Carrasco

We both look forward to meeting you on 7 May. Fabian and I will already be in Pacuare preparing the field station for you arrival. However, Nicki Wheeler from LAST will be meeting you at 09.00 in the lobby of Hotel Santo Tomas. Make sure to be on time as our first night of patrols starts that very evening and there is a lot to learn prior.

I hope you have read about the excellent results that came out of our last report, and that in reading the report, you have familiarised yourself with the work in hand and how it is conducted. It’s going to be quite a bit of work, but that’s exactly why we need you. Have another look through your dossier and check your packing list; remember that your head lamp need to have a red light mode.

I will be a few days ahead of you, preparing everything for your arrival together with Fabian and Nicki. I’ll send my next diary update from Pacuare with turtle and weather updates.

Save travels and see you soon


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