Update from our monitoring expedition studying wolves in Lower Saxony, Germany

It was a late night review after dinner yesterday. Once everyone arrived back at Gut Sunder (the overnighter team returning from Kenny’s place in the rural area of Luechow-Danneberg, the rest of us from a place near Hamburg where we met shepard Holger looking after one of his heards guarded by three of his dogs), it took until dinner time to sort out findings, download tracks and finish up datasheets & pictures for the review of the last two days.

So much has happened in only a couple of days! Very proudly, his face a broad grin, our expedition scientist Peter presented the “wolf highway track”. Within a distance of not even 3 km he and Julia collected 11 wolf scat samples of various sizes and ages (ranging from small to XXL, and fresh to old). Running out of gloves and plastic bags for collection was a first on this expedition. Congratulations! And, Peter, you have finally made up for not finding anything since the expedition started! 😉

I guess I should mention that the overnighter team was much luckier with the weather than the rest of us was. They had a break from the rain at least during the survey on Wednesday. Everyone else endured another day of rain and rain and more rain and wet shoes and feet and ­ just everything wet!

During the review we also found out that wus Anja booked a last minute room at Kenny’s hotel when she found out that there was availability. We need to talk 😉

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