Update from our monitoring expedition studying wolves in Lower Saxony, Germany

We continued our field work with team three on Sunday after the training sessions and returned to the most promising area in the rural district of Celle on Monday. Four teams spread out for an intensive survey and found and collected thirteen scat samples. On Tuesday one of our teams consisting of Fran, Verena and wolf ambassador in training Baerbel had help from Valeska and her dogs. They are trained to find wolf tracks & scats and use their amazingĀ sense of smell to do so. As a result four more scats in the area were found and collected, two of which were very fresh and quite small. Considering all wolf signs we found so far, there is a chance that a pack with puppies is around. This will need more investigative work to prove convincingly.

Peter, Anja, Michael & Julia spent last night in a tent within the rural area of Luechow-Danneberg. We hope they didn’t suffer too much from the rain, of which there has been a lot over the last few days. This is unlikely to change before the end of the week.

Another incident offered us the chance to experience another side of living with wolves. When wolf ambassador Theo was called yesterday morning to investigate a sheep that was allegedly killed by wolves, Anne, Fran, Ben, Inge, Moni, Martin, Stefan & Verena and I were able to assist with investigations at the farm. Besides very wolf-like signs of the kill we found & recorded wolf tracks around the fenced area.

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