Arabia: Group 2, initiated

Update from our wildlife conservation volunteering holiday in Dubai (UAE) working on oryx, wildcat and desert species

Everyone on our Arabia expedition team 2 arrived safely on Monday morning. We went straight into introductions, background and training and on Tuesday, two groups went out to conduct quadrat surveys. Other events during the two training days included a visit to a possible eagle owl nesting site, where we checked all the ghaf trees for nests and were lucky to see one owl flying off close to where we stood. We also did a 15 min circular observation training session, checked a camera trap and visited a fox den site for first-hand experience of what the specific surveys include.

Although it is somewhat overcast and hazy, it has become much hotter in the desert. At night the sky is pretty clear and we sleep under an amazing starry sky.

When you read this, group 2 will be out on its first independent full survey day.

Update from our Arabia expedition in Dubai, UAE working as an oryx volunteer in the desert of the UAE

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