Arabia: All ducks here, in the rain

Update from our wildlife conservation volunteering holiday in Dubai (UAE) working on oryx, wildcat and desert species

Everyone’s here. After all the ducks were in a row, sort of, they navigated the maze of Dubai’s highways. The lead duck was lost for a bit, but then found its ducklings at the next feeding point, where the mother duck forgot to buy ice for its ducklings. But the old fat duck went back and got some.

Then the family moved into its duckling home and everyone built their nests while the sun shone. The ducks heard about the dangers of living in the desert and nobody chickened out. The rain started and did not stop. The ducks learned to fly (drive in the wet sand), before hearing about their home and how they will help to conserve it, and a well-deserved dinner and rest.

Update from our Arabia expedition in Dubai, UAE working as an oryx volunteer in the desert of the UAE

One Reply to “Arabia: All ducks here, in the rain”

  1. You learn something new everyday, yes? I never knew Paraechinus aethiopicus existed. Superb ears for a hedgehog! Great photo. Thank you 🙂

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