Germany : Team 2 in action

Update from our Germany wolf volunteer project

Wolf expedition team 2 hails from Ireland, UK, Germany and the Netherlands. They join our dedicated wolf citizen scientists Pat, Siggi and Syilvia staying on for their second week.

After the usual initiation/training visit of the wolf centre, we welcomed them at our expedition base Gut Sunder and got straight into training mode. After a long first day, some still had energy left and went to explore the surroundings and birdlife. Sandra and Patricia even enjoyed observing bats and fireflies around one of the nearby lakes.

On Sunday morning we were woken up early by our local cuckoo and continued training. After lunch we went on a trial monitoring hike all together in the Meißendorf territory. Along a 5 km hike across heath and pine forest, the team scanned the paths and crossings for wolf evidence. Three possible wolf scats were recorded, photographed and sampled in line with our monitoring protocol, and we can now report: team 2 ready for wolf conservation work.

Stay tuned for more.

Data collection training
Data collection training
GPS training
Liam in action
Meißendorf heath
Paul packing up research gear
Sandra taking a photo
Training lecture
Field trial run
Visiting one of the lakes behind the expedition base

Germany wolf conservation holiday update

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