Status update September 2021 – Getting ready for 2022 expeditions

As we are entering Q4 2021, we are preparing to re-start expeditions in 2022, commencing with Arabia in January – have a look at our full portfolio for other expeditions throughout 2022.


Our thoughts on what we will require from our citizen scientists were laid out in the August update and have not changed. Only two people have complained about this so far and have been removed from the expeditions until such time that they see sense or that anti-vaxxers no longer present a danger to others.


Numbers for expeditions are looking good. There are lots of deferrers from 2020/2021 now scheduled to go in 2022 and people are daring to sign up to expeditions again in greater numbers. You can see the traffic light status of each expedition on our portfolio


Expedition leaders will also be fully vaccinated. As far as possible, we require all others (scientists, rangers, cooks, all other support staff who will come in contact with our citizen scientists) to be fully vaccinated too. For countries where this might be an issue, we are working on testing regimes and/or a vaccination fundraiser for our local partners to acquire vaccinations via private healthcare, where this is possible.


Although there will be common threads (vaccinations, tests, hygiene procedures) on all expeditions, the exact procedures will vary from country to country. We will publish what the exact procedures are about six to seven weeks before the expedition starts, alongside your reminder to start preparing and settle your balance. 

Finally, the good news is that the pandemic is predicted to end sometime in 2022. We will of course keep monitoring the situation and adapt our procedures accordingly.

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