Status update January 2021 – Our expeditions strategy for 2021

There is now light at the end of the pandemic tunnel with vaccines being rolled out across the (mainly industrialised) world. However, restrictions are likely to be with us well into 2021 and beyond, and travel will only be possible gradually. This is mainly because vaccine rollout across industrialised countries will take over a year – and much longer in the developing world, for example an estimated two to three years in Africa. This means that we now expect it will still take some significant time until expeditions are up and running again, let alone back to something approaching normal. In fact, we do not expect operations to approach anything near normal until well into 2022, perhaps even later.

With all this in mind our strategy is now to take things (and expeditions) as they come and assess the feasibility of each expedition six to eight weeks before it is due to start. This, by the way, also meshes with scientific data on when it is best to purchase flights (70 days before departure). Anything else, we believe, would be unrealistic and unprofessional at this point. If this assessment changes, we will of course let you know. For the moment, however, it’s obvious that we are all in this same unpredictable boat together, albeit hopefully sailing into a brighter future and calmer waters.

Our next scheduled expedition is to the Azores, starting on 21 March. Our current strategy means that we will assess the feasibility of this expedition towards the end of January and let everyone know, including signed up expeditioners of course, whether it will run or be deferred.

On a side note, we of course realise that forward planning is very difficult at the moment. This is why we are handling signups and deferment very flexibly so that nobody misses or loses out. What this means in practice is described in detail here.

Finally, and if you can, please help us get through this very challenging time of make or break, boom or bust, live or die, by contributing to our survival appeal.

The next expedition, maybe, will be to the Azores.

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