Azores: sperm whales in the north

A second successful day at sea with 42 miles covered yesterday (Friday). There was a lot of fog and rain showers to the south today, so we headed north.
There was no lookout, but we had high hopes to find sperm whales with the hydrophone.
And success we had! We found a group of five females and a calf. Three of the individuals have been seen since 2009, always together. One of the others was seen in 2018 and a new one this year. We saw one of them three times and a couple of others twice.

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When it appeared that we had all the individuals of the group identified, we headed back to the harbour. There were no dolphins seen today, although there were some Cory’s shearwaters feeding and a possible tuna also seen.
Once we were on the north coast, the lookout on the south of Pico called to say that two fin whales had appeared out of the fog. It was decided to stick with our plan, rather than risk a long trip back to the south. It turned out to be the right decision.
The weather looks like it should be good on Sunday, so hopefully will get out again. Thanks to Biosphere Expeditions, once again. We were the only boat on the water.

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