Azores: second day with dolphins and a turtle

We managed to get out to sea again yesterday (Sunday). Our “regular” vigia on the South of Pico was hard at work for us. Unfortunately, he could only spot one group of dolphins. We headed in that direction, but they managed to elude us. On the way we glimpsed a loggerhead turtle eating a Portuguese man o’ war.

Loggerhead turtle eating a Portuguese man o’ war (c) Whale Watch Azores

When there were no other animals seen down that way, we decided to try our luck to the South of Faial.

It took a while, but we finally got a good sighting of common dolphin! Not that they stuck around very long. They seemed to have better things to do than bowride on our boat, except for one group that stayed for about 30 seconds! There were several small groups spread out around the South of Faial. The largest group we saw had maybe 25. Not a lot of calves seen yet, but a couple of juveniles. Hopefully next time, the dolphins might be a bit more interested in us.

The lookout, who also does some fishing, told us that there hasn’t been much krill seen so far this year, which could explain the lack of the big baleen whales. We remain hopeful and will try again. If you want to, you can track our movements by following our sailing yacht “Linda” online.

Our research vessel “Linda”

Thank you again to Biosphere Expeditions and its supporters for the funding!

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