Germany wolf expedition (July)

As you have probably read, Germany is doing well with combating the virus and is thinking of starting to ease restrictions. However, travel restrictions are likely to stay in place for a good while yet and hotels (such as our expedition base) and other service industry locations are unlikely to re-open soon.

At the same time, and following the pattern of expeditions before, the majority of expeditioners have already opted to defer to Germany 2021 (18 – 24 July | 25 – 31 July) or to other expeditions in 2021.

Local staff and wolf commissioners are planning as we speak to continue wolf monitoring efforts. Details about their plans (and a call for donations to enable this) are on our coronavirus appeal page. So, in line with other expeditions so far, and because we stongly believe that conservation efforst must continue despite the crisis, we will continue the project and collect data as much and whenever possible, but, regrettably, it is now highly unlikely that there will be a citizen science element to the project in 2020.

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