When will it end? What will come after?

The question many people are asking themselves: When will the outbreak end and life get back to normal? Here are three different responses from trusted sources: the BBC, ScienceNews and VOX.

But the real questions should be: What will come afterwards? Will we wake up to the realities that have brought us to this juncture? Will we (in the rich, industrialised countries) finally face the facts of our perilous, unsustainable and exploitative neoliberal lifestyles? Read George Monbiot’s thought-provoking essay on it all and whether we have a chance finllay to overcome destructive neoliberalism through this crisis (after the end of capitalism has been touted for some years) and have governments govern again, not corporations. Will we even learn, finally, how to tackle the climate crisis properly and respect nature and the planet again for what they are: the very bedrock of our existence.


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