Thailand: Opener

Hello everyone, my name is Malika and I will be leading this year’s Thailand elephant expedition. It’s my third time here in the remote Karen hill tribe village, working together with Kerri from our local partners organisation KSES and Talia, the expedition scientist. This year we also have with us Anthony, expedition leader in training and Alex, KSES’s project assistant.

Anthony and I flew into Chiang Mai a couple of days ago and proceeded straight to the village on Saturday morning. We found the village nestling between lush green vegetation, although apparently the past rainy season has been too dry. Since we are now in the middle of the dry season, it has not been raining for weeks, they say. The air is still humid, especially in the evening hours outside on our meeting, eating and working platform. Please don’t forget to bring long sleeves not only to keep you cosy & warm, but also to protect you from mosquitoes that are most active during sunset.

The four of us have spent the last couple of days sorting out equipment, preparing datasheets, printing and laminating picture sheets, talking through activities and work schedules. We are looking forward to you, our citizen scienitsts, to join us here and complete the team. Our study subjects, the elephants are currently roaming an area about 90 min away from base. Some good hikes are waiting for us! 😉

Not much more to report for now. Talia will meet the team tomorrow morning in the Lobby of the Mercure Hotel in Chiang Mai.

The hills are alive with elephants, they are calling you and I will see you there tomorrow.


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