Malawi: More research and a day at the village

After a week full of activities, the team spent the afternoon of a well-earned day off at the neighbouring village where were warmly welcomed and fed.

We were back to our research tasks on Sunday. We exchanged SD cards of 21 camera traps that were set five days earlier along the West and North road.  We managed to go through the camera trap pictures using multiple laptops. Some of the SD cards had more than 3000 pictures on them – mostly of grass! More about animal pictures when we have finished identifying the species.

As the days went by, teams went out for elephant observations each day, we continued primate observations following a troup of vervet monkeys that were released at Vwaza a few months ago. Bat surveys continued in the evenings. On some of the hippo transect walks along the lake shore, we counted over 140 individuals.

Now team 1 has only two more days to go… time flies! I’ll keep you updated about the results.

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