20 tips for 20 years: how to be (radically) greener

Biosphere Expeditions was founded in 1999 and to celebrate its 20th anniversary has created 20 tips on how to tbe green. In our first 20 years we were focused on citizen science and wildlife conservation (see our 20 year anniversary magazine). We will continue with this focus, but this, we feel, is no longer enough. The undeniable crisis our planet is in demands more action and activism. It demands a radical rethink of how we run our lives, societies and the way we treat our planet. We have a duty to act if we want to be able to look our grandchildren in the eyes. On our 20th anniversary, we joined the revolution and we are becoming more activist for the sake of our planet. Join us now and look at our 20 tips!

One Reply to “20 tips for 20 years: how to be (radically) greener”

  1. For those travelling long distance by air to conservation projects I suggest do-it-yourself conservation-oriented carbon offsetting such as donating to reforestation projects. My own favourite, and one I used when travelling to Biosphere Expeditions projects in Namibia, is the Mount Kenya Trust (www.mountkenyatrust.org) which, amongst other aspects of conservation, supports local tree planting initiatives as well as ranger patrols to reduce illegal felling of trees, charcoal making, etc.

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