Germany: Final entry

We’re done for this year and once again we have collected a shedload of data for Peter, so who better to summarise it all than the man himself

In words, we

  • covered 28 10 x 10 km grid cells
  • walked 743 km
  • found 236 wolf scats
  • of these froze 156 scats for later dietary analysis by Lotte
  • of these put 26 in ethanol for DNA analysis
  • we also had two direct sights (one with and one without a photo taken)

As Peter says, this is a huge boost to the official wolf monitoring in Lower Saxony and we can all be proud of what we have achieved. Without the committment of you citizen scientists, only a tiny fraction of these data would have been collected.

Thank you to everyone. I’ll let some of you speak for the expedition as whole and add my personal gratitude and appreciation. The official report will be out within six to twelve months. I look forward to this and to perhaps seeing some of you again, in Germany or elsewhere on this beautiful, fragile planet of ours.

Expedition leader

Group 1
Group 2

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