Germany: Wolf nuggets and another sighting

Our overnight team is back from the Göhrde with 71 findings, including five DNA samples. Well done!

The others have not been idle either. On Wednesday they went to the Ebstorf region, accompanied by the local wolf commissioner and his four-legged companion. The aim was to solve the mystery of whether there were wolves in the area. Seven DNA samples and a total of 15 findings later, it was clear that they are present. And as if to emphasise their existence, at the end of the day, just a few meters from the car – a WOLF! It appeared on the forest path at some distance, looked briefly in the direction of our happy observers and walked calmly away. A memory that will last forever.

(c) Torsten Berg
(c) Torsten Berg
(c) Torsten Berg
(c) Torsten Berg

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