Germany: Trained and off the leash

Team 1 of this year’s Germany wolf expedition now knows almost everything there is to know about wolves in Germany, GPSs, data collection, marking waypoints, creating tracks, and most importantly finding and collecting those wolf research nuggets otherwise known as scat (in clever) and poo (in the vernacular). Well done team 1 for absorbing it all in record time.

Our reward was “wolf alley” during our Sunday training walk near Meißendorf. A piece of heath and woodland near our base where a wolf pack has recently been active in all sorts of ways, including leaving so many nuggets that we ran out of time recording and collecting them all. Quite a gold digger’s haul already at the beginning of the expedition.

Our new base is great, pulling out all the stops and serving us lots of excellent food. Only the internet connection in this remote part of the internet developing world that is Germany leaves something to be desired.

This Monday morning, we are off Peter’s, the scientist, leash and looking forward to heading out in four small independent groups in search of more gold. Wish us luck and good hunting. Especially if it was run over by a tyre and separated.

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