Sweden: Ten adults in the rain

“Fascinating how ten adults standing in the rain looking at shit can have such a good time”. This, or something like it, is the quote of the expedition so far.

We met up on Monday and made it to our expedition base in the woods for introductions, a safety briefing, background information and theory and equipment training.

Tuesday was more training and our first winter den survey in one big group – to put everything we’ve learnt so far into practice and to learn as we go.

Today, Wednesday, we started splitting into smaller groups as we get more comfortable with the methodolgy and finding our way around the study site.

So far we’ve had everything from amazing food, to sunshine, drizzle, downpours, to heavy bear scat, digging for bear bones in a water-filled ditch, meeting roe deer and cranes, to getting to grips with datasheets, GPSs, relascopes, denisometres, etc. etc.

Spritis are high, as are exhaustion levels after having spent a day out in the forest.

Tomorrow we are out in smaller groups to cover as much ground for Andrea as we can this week.

Some photo impressions follow:

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