Sweden: Getting there, sort of

First expedition lesson: Nothing is as constant as the change of plan.

We packed the car to the hilt and drove off with a great plan. Drive to Kiel (northern Germany) and board the overnight ferry to Göteborg (Sweden), get a good night’s sleep and arrive in Sweden fresh for a measly 470 km to the expedition base. The plan was good, the execution poor.

Packed to the hilt

We hit several massive traffic jams and a journey that should have taken six hours, took over ten. We missed the ferry. So no option but to drive past the ferry port and up north into Denmark, cutting east over the famous Öresund bridge that connects Kopenhagen (Denmark) with Malmö (Sweden).

Öresund bridge

So a relaxed journey became a wild ride through the night with a dinghy motel stop for a few hours of sleep. The drive through 720 km of Swedish countryside made up for it, sort of. Trees, trees and more trees. Sunshine. Bullerbü picture-perfect villages. 1800 km and 33 h later and we’re finally here now.

Somewhere on a Swedish road

Tonight is midsummer night, a big night in Sweden. We’re invited to a party and tomorrow we’ll connect with Andrea for a couple of days setting up.

The weather is a pleasant, sunny 20 something. The mosquitoes are out. Come prepared and remember that on expedition nothing is as constant as the change of plan 🙂

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