Sweden: Opener

Hello everyone. My name is Matthias and I will be your expedition leader for our inaugural Sweden brown bear project.

Matthias Hammer

Our expedition scientists is Dr. Andrea Friebe of our Swedish partner organisation Björn & Vildmark (bear & wilderness).

Dr. Andrea Friebe

And the most important person on the expedition will be our cook, Elfie Weber 😉

Elfie Weber

Elfie and I are packing up as we speak and will travel from Germany to Sweden by car starting tomorrow. We will then meet Andrea at our expedition base and start to prepare everything for the expedition. Once Elfie and I have arrived in Sweden, I will send you another update (and my local phone number too for emergencies).

We hope your preparations are going well too and wish you safe travels. We look forward to meeting you all on Monday.

4 Replies to “Sweden: Opener”

  1. Matthias: Good to hear from you and look forward to meeting in just a few days. Regards,Gerald

  2. Can I please be taken off the mailing list?

    On Tue., 18 Jun. 2019, 2:36 pm Biosphere Expeditions: blogs from the wildlife conservati

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