Kenya: Elephant encounters

Group 2’s time so far has been spent with moving in, introductions, as well as safety, science, vehicle and equipment training. Then finally on Monday in the late afternoon, everyone went out for the first drive. And what a drive it was. The driver training group (3 cars) found elephants blocking the route. We watched them carefully from the cars for a while and finally backed up to go another way. One of the bigger males clearly indicated that we weren’t welcome to pass the herd, showcasing exactly the kind behaviour described our safety training – as if we had organised a first class safety with wild animals training session.

Tuesday morning we covered all three vehicle transect routes and then three teams exchanged SD cards on the nine remaining camera traps. Looking  through them will take up some time, so watch this space….

One Reply to “Kenya: Elephant encounters”

  1. Lovely to see ellies and also everyone looks much happier and relaxed 🙂 Some serious work going on! Excellent news 🙂

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