Malawi: Group 2 getting trained and commencing work

Update from our Malawi expedition working on cats, primates, elephants and African biodiversity

Group 2 has arrived at Vwaza base camp and training is in full swing.

During elephant identification training yesterday, a large herd of elephants obliged us with their presence, just in time for our training.

In the afternoon everyone enjoyed their first drive through the park spotting impala, kudu, hippos, elephants and a large herd of buffalo. “Incredible,  just incredible” said Jodi from Canada when describing the buffalo encounter.

Today everyone was trained to use the camera traps and tomorrow we will drive to the northern reaches of the reserve to place our second round of camera traps. As we’ve said before, no big camera trapping study has ever been done in  the reserve, let alone in the remote northern part of the reserve, and we are very excited to see what the cameras will show us in time.

Our first “real” science commences tonight when we set the bat traps in front of camp, as well as deploying our insect traps. Hoping for some night-time visitors to start off our work.




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