Malawi: Ready to roll…

Update from our Malawi expedition working on cats, primates, elephants and African biodiversity

We’re as ready as we can be for you. The proof will be in the pudding now, starting with trailblazing group 1 tomorrow. And trailblazers we will be indeed. Just one example is that our expedition will set camera traps all over the reserve for the first time ever. Yes, it has never been done before and we are excited about the research work and what it will show. And the camera traps are just one facet of many citizen science aspects. So wish us success and good fortune!

Group 1, I hope you are all reading this in Lilongwe tonight and I hope you are ready. Please help us smooth out the rough edges and make this inaugural expedition a success.

Here are a couple of videos and some pictures to wet everyone’s appetite.


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