Germany: Final results and diary entry

Update from our monitoring expedition studying wolves in Lower Saxony, Germany

Peter & I dropped team 2 at the airport on Friday morning after a pleasant last evening together on Thursday.

Here is a summary of what team 2 achieved: 330 km of survey routes were covered on foot and 31 km by bike. 89 scat samples were collected (and have been deep frozen for dietary analysis). Of those 89 samples, 14 samples were fresh enough for DNA analysis and for this were also put in ethanol. Our findings were made in eight different cells of the European 10 x 10 km grid. Overall, the results of teams 1 and 2 were very similar. Well done to both!

Taken together, the resulting total numbers of this year’s expedition are exceptional: More than 200 (!) wolf scat samples were deep frozen for dietary analysis. They will be forwarded to the official wolf monitoring authority of Lower Saxony for final evaluation. 25 scat samples were fresh enough for DNA analysis and put into ethanol, to be analysed in the laboratory over the coming few months. All findings were collected over 638 km of foot survey walks and 100 km of bike surveys in 29 different 10 x 10 km cells of the European grid. Even more findings, which were classified as C3 (hint but not conclusive proof of wolf) are: seven tracks and 50 more scats that were too old and had no wolf typical smell, as well as one sighting of three wolves that could not be proved by a picture, because Jelle and I were not quick enough 😉

Once again these numbers exceeded Peter’s expectations! Thank you to everyone on the team – you have done a fantastic job! Our thanks go also out to the wolf commissioners Kenny, Holger & Theo, as well as to Dorit and Lotte who supported the project by sharing their time & knowledge with us. And of course thanks also to the staff at NABU Gut Sunder who made us feel at home and kept us so well fed, as well as our overnight base Kenners LandLust. Peter & I very much enjoyed our time with you all and it has been a great pleasure to work with you.

We hope you have arrived back home safely when you read this or are enjoying your holidays. Thank you once again and we hope we will meet again in the future, on an expedition or somewhere else on this beautiful planet of ours.

All the best,

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