Azores: Team 3 ends on multiple highs of three

From our volunteer vacation / conservation holiday protecting whales, dolphins and turtles around the Azores archipelago

Expedition fieldwork challenges us in many ways. But often the greatest challenge comes from the fieldwork we can’t undertake.

Bad weather is one challenge. Patience is another. And this is often, eventually, rewarded. Our last day started like so many before, with common dolphins; but we rapidly progressed to multiple blue whales and sperm whale encounters, with more dolphins and turtles to add to the mix as the day progressed. To say it was a busy day is an understatement. It was also a long and physical day – trying to stay upright on the boat for 8 hours is no mean feat! Well done Team 3 – for your patience, commitment, work ethic and for handling the weather.

So Team 3 located three different blue whales, had three encounters with common dolphins, and found a group of sperm whales, where one individual breached three times!

This was a first for many, including the expedition leader. Their apparent lack of grace (compared to humpback whales) means they are referred to as flying cucumbers – albeit a 20 ton cucumber – and yes, it has to be seen to be believed! Yet another reason to come to the Azores.

This was also the third whale species located by Team 3. So as that infamous song went… ‘three is a magic number’! Great job Team 3!

So we now enter the home straight on this year’s expedition, and look forward to meeting Team 4. We have high hopes.

I leave you with a final set of pictures and some feedback from the team…


2 Replies to “Azores: Team 3 ends on multiple highs of three”

  1. So maybe I’ll have to come back for breaching (sperm) whales – but I actually doubt it could get any better than I experienced, even with breaching stuff 😉

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