From our volunteer vacation / conservation holiday protecting whales, dolphins and turtles around the Azores archipelago

Hello and welcome! My name is Catherine and I will be your expedition leader for this first Azores group in 2018.

The following three groups will be led by my colleague Craig Turner, the last one with assistance from expedition leader in training An Bollen. Details of all of us are on

I was last in the Azores back in 2014, so am keen to meet up with our scientist Lisa Steiner and learn of the developments that have taken place over the last few years. Lisa has been collaborating with Biosphere expeditions since 2003, so the data tirelessly gathered by citizen scientists such as you is now really bearing fruit. Thank you for giving your time to deepen this important work.

I will be travelling out to Faial a couple of days in advance of group 1 to prepare for your arrival and I’m looking forward to meeting group 1 at Banana Manor, our assembly point, between 13:00 and 14:00 on 8 March. If you are whiling away a few hours in Horta before that time and would like to meet me for lunch, I will be at Peter’s Café Sport on the quayside from 11:30. (Just ask any of the locals where it is – it’s a very popular landmark!) My contact telephone number for emergency purposes only (such as missing assembly) will be +351 93 041 7877.

Please remember to bring all your completed paperwork, as we will launch straight into training and briefings promptly at 14:00.

The Azores are also currently experiencing a cold snap, so make sure you bring plenty of layers, including slippers or lined crocs as we leave our outdoor shoes at the door and the tiled floors of Banana Manor are chilly!

I will be in touch again once I have arrived in Horta. Happy packing and safe travels!

Catherine Edsell
Expedition Leader

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