From our Sumatran tiger conservation volunteering holiday in Indonesia

The second Sumatran tiger team have settled into the WWF Subayang Research Station and have been trained in the field methodology and use of scientific equipment. After extensive training, we set out yesterday into the jungle to test out our new skills and to place a camera trap on the hill behind the research station. In 2015 our expedition recorded a leopard cat there, so we figured we would try our luck again. There certainly is a lot of animal activity in the jungle at night – we can hear animals stir in the undergrowth all night and each morning we are woken by gibbons calling in the trees. A curious long-tailed macaque looked down at us from a branch as we were sitting on the station veranda and large wild pigs are roaming the grounds, so there is no lack of wildlife activity.

Yesterday morning we did our first real survey, revisiting a cell that was surveyed during the first slot. We retrieved the camera that was placed three weeks ago by team one and we completed a full survey of the cell. Repetition is important to strengthen the data that we collect. In the afternoon we went into Tanjung Belit village to conduct interviews. This part of the work is imperative as it helps WWF to better understand people’s perception and allows WWF to mobilise outreach teams to educate people about tiger conservation and the role they play in the ecosystem.

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