From our Sumatran tiger conservation volunteering holiday in Indonesia

Welcome to the Sumatra 2017 expedition diary! My name is Ida Vincent and I will be your expedition leader. This will be my second year on this expedition and I look forward to being back at the Subayang field station and working together with WWF Indonesia.

Ida Vincent

The field station is located in the Rimbang Baling nature reserve right on the Subayang River. We will work closely with Febri Anggriawan, the WWF Tiger Scientist who will train us in all field methodologies. Do swot up on them here and watch the videos before you arrive though – it will make your learning curve far less steep and easier!

Febri Anggriawan

We both look forward to meeting group 1 on 30 July. I will already be at Subayang preparing the field station for you arrival, but Febri will be meeting you at 08.00 in the lobby of Red Planet Hotel in Pekanbaru. Make sure to be on time as we will start training on the first day.  Also have another look through your dossier and check your packing list.

See you in a little over a week!

Ida Vincent
Expedition leader

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