Update from our monitoring expedition studying wolves in Lower Saxony, Germany

Another great expedition week is over. The scientific facts and figures of last week are: we surveyed 217 km of forestry trails on foot, collected 29 wolf scats, of which 14 will be submitted for DNA analysis. We also recorded seven more signs of wolf in ten different 10 x 10 km cells. These results alone have greatly exceeded our expectations, but we are still hoping for more, group 4!

During next week we will continue to survey specific areas of interest, all of which have been identified as areas where “something is going on”. Our hopes are that by the end of this year’s expedition our preliminary conclusions can be corroborated by more data to be found by group 4.

Group 3 ended with a lovely night around the campfire, a few shots of Heidegeist and Inge’s inspiring performance of how a wolf scat datasheet can be transformed into 10 Euro notes. Have a look at the pictures for more impressions of our week.

Thank you so much team 3 for coping more than well with both bad weather and poor tracking conditions, while never losing your motivation and high spirits. All of you have qualified as true expeditioners and researchers!

For Peter and I it was a great week in many more ways than one.

Team 4, I hope you have been inspired. See you tomorrow morning at Bremen airport!

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