Update from our conservation holiday protecting leatherback and other sea turtles on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica

We have arrived in San José, and just met with Nicki from Latin American Sea Turtles (LAST). She is excited to meet and greet the rest of the expedition team on Monday morning at Hotel Santo Tomas. Lucy and I head down to the research station on Saturday to prepare and make sure everything is ready for your arrival. We are told there are two turtle nests that are due to hatch any day now, so hopefully we will get to see some baby turtles. There has also been a lot of turtle activity on the beach with several leatherback turtles coming out to nest each night.

It has been raining here in San José during the past few days and we are told the research station has had hot and rainy weather, so don’t forget to pack for all weathers and to bring your rain poncho.

See you a few days!

Baby turtle
Mother turtle
Staff in Costa Rica (from left to right Nicki, Lucy, Ida) about to head off to Pacuare beach for this year’s leatherback turtle expedition

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