Moving operations to Ireland in the wake of Article 50

In a new update to this blog, and further to the below, our new Ireland presence is now

Biosphere Expeditions, The Black Church, St Mary’s Place, Dublin D07 P4AX
Phone 00353-1-9695263, E-mail

See also and

We will retain our presence in the UK, Germany, France, USA and Australia as normal and no existing staff members will move to Ireland. However, the base currency will switch from GBP to EUR on 1 Jan 2018, as will the HQ from Norwich to Dublin.

Switching period

All of Q2-Q4 2017 will be the switching period of moving the HQ from the UK to Ireland. Invoices issued and due in 2017 will be issued in GBP, invoices issued in 2017 and due in 2018 will be issued in EUR. The base currency (for expeditions and everything else apart from experience days) will switch to EUR towards the end of 2017 and by 1 Jan 2018 at the latest.

If you are an expedition participant

If your invoice is due for payment in 2018, it will be in EUR, to be paid into the account in Ireland. Invoices due in 2017 will still be in GBP, to be paid into the account in the UK.

If you invoice Biosphere Expeditions

Nothing much should change, except that the payment origin will switch from the GBP to the EUR account sometime towards the end of 2017. We will continue to pay you in your local currency, so you should not notice much of a change.

If you are an expedition leader

The base currency will switch to EUR on 1 Jan 2018, but you can still invoice us in your local currency to be paid into your local account, so not much should change for you either.

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