From our working holiday volunteering with leopards, caracals and Cape biodiversity in South Africa (

Sorry for the late entry; the internet has been down at base!

Touch Down. Four flights later and I finally made it to George. It is great to be back. My first afternoon was spent collecting our second 4WD (thank you Ford South Africa for the loan), picking up our cooks (Melda and Gurli), who have just got in from Cape Town, and doing  a supply run – I can’t remember the last time I bought so many vegetables!

We could then enjoy the two hour drive north to Blue Hill; our expedition base for the next two weeks. As George disappears into the distance, the roads deteriorate from tarmac to dirt, whilst the views become ever more expansive, and so the sense of anticipation increases. You know you are heading somewhere special, away from much of the world.


It has been great to catch up with Alan (and his family) and meet Matt (a Masters student who will be working with us – all will be revealed). The research plans are prepared, the equipment is tested and ready to go, and our expedition base is ready to welcome our volunteers.


And the good news is that many of our target species are also beginning to make an appearance. On checking a couple of the camera traps along the east road from our base camp, there have been recent records of leopard, caracal and African wildcat. Some of the latter from just two days ago!

img_0186 img_0233 img_0341

We look forward to meeting you all and hope you bring the good weather and lucky cat charms!

See you soon.

From our working holiday volunteering with leopards, caracals and Cape biodiversity in South Africa.

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