From our working holiday volunteering with leopards, elephants and cheetahs in Namibia, Africa (

I received a couple of emails from previous team members asking to show pictures of what rain looks like here and I have attached them. (Evidently they did not believe me that it actually does rain here in November!)

Wednesday Stuart, Sandra and Markus signed up for the all day camera trap team. They kept stumm about it all day, yet at briefing they practically burst with the news: they’d seen a leopard running away from them up in the mountains. Quite a lucky team!

Thursday was our vehicle game count, the last of the season with Biosphere Expedition. It was a terrific way to finish off the expedition – all three teams seeing record numbers of animals and getting to spend one last beautiful morning driving on Okambara. In the afternoon the team helped pack up the expedition – each year the first and last teams have the privilege of unpacking and packing the expedition kit and storing it until the next season.

I’ve also attached a picture of all the groups’ elephants sightings in 2014.

Team 6 has now left the farm, and that wraps up our Namibia expedition for 2014. A huge thank you to everyone who volunteered this year. It was great to meet you all and work alongside you. Your hard work, flexibility, willingness to get dirty and be Vera’s “arms and legs and feet” on Okambara has been immensely helpful. Thanks to you we captured three leopards this year and collared two. Vera’s scientific report on the 2014 expedition will be published in a few months.

Best wishes

Alisa Clickenger
Expedition leader

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From our working holiday volunteering with leopards, elephants and cheetahs in Namibia, Africa 

One Reply to “From our working holiday volunteering with leopards, elephants and cheetahs in Namibia, Africa (”

  1. Memories of our own time in Namibia, on Okambara (team 5 in 2013), and as well on Okomitundu in 2007, came back when reading Alisa’s diaries. It truly was a great time, very much rewarding! Expeditions with Bioshpere are very special, and the one of 2013 will definitely not be our last one. Verena and myself hope that Biosphere will continue to set up interesting expeditions like the one in Namibia, with an exiting variety of species, and tasks for the volunteers.
    Best wishes to Alisa and Vera, hoping that the activities in Okambara will resume.
    Best regards, Stefan

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