Update from our SCUBA volunteer vacation / diving conservation holiday protecting the coral reefs of Tioman, Malaysia (www.biosphere-expeditions.org/malaysia)

6 April

Thursday marked the last day of surveys in the 2013 Reef Check expedition to Tioman Island, Malaysia. We surveyed two new sites and added them to the list of sites that Reef Check Malaysia monitors around this beautiful place. We had a couple of divers out of the water on doctor’s orders with ear issues and other small problems, but those left carried on with the surveys and those not diving took on dry duties to the benefit of all.

Then yesterday, Friday, the last day of the expedition was eventful too. There was a hiccup with the boat and we had to rush to get three people back to Tioman for their flights. For the remaining two, the action didn’t stop there. In the evening we learned of a python, which had been caught nearby. Alvin and I raced off to see the animal and returned to Janne and Georgie with a 4.5 meter, 30 kg reticulated beauty, which we then went to some length relocating with the help of Rosie from the dive shop and the local taxi guy. A fitting end to a great conservation expedition on the sea and now also on land!

Thanks to all who attended and donated so much more than their cash to the daunting task of protecting the coral reefs of Tioman Island. I hope you have caught the expedition bug now. If you have, I look forward to meeting you again on some conservation errand sometime, somewhere on this beautiful planet of ours. Thanks again everyone and safe travels home!

Paul o’Dowd
Expedition leader

P.S. I will try to upload more pictures/videos to  https://biosphereexpeditions.wordpress.com/ | www.facebook.com/biosphere.expeditions1 | https://plus.google.com/103347005009999707934/posts | http://pinterest.com/biosphereexped/ once I get to a better internet connection. Watch this space.

Update from our SCUBA volunteer vacation / diving conservation holiday protecting the coral reefs of Tioman, Malaysia

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